Like everybody teaching English, I suddenly found myself in front of the computer all the time, and as my hair has grown longer and longer over the past three months, I have had time to consider the values of online teaching.

1.An online course is basically a course online-

It will help you learn if the basic things are fine – Good organization, clear direction about what to learn, relevant homework and quick corrections from the teacher, regular email communication with the teacher and use of the online platform, Moodle, to consolidate learning and give extra practice.

2.Class groups need to be smaller for the best learning experience-

In groups of three, the teacher can follow what everyone is doing, everybody gets the chance to speak a lot, it is easier to respond to individual student needs in the moment and there are minimum delays and a better momentum.

3.Cambridge exam preparation can be improved-

Students can easily follow instruction about Reading, Use of English and Listening strategies with important considerations highlighted on the screen. These small groups of students can also contact each other online to practise speaking and talk about homework exercises.

At this time, all our lessons are online and our objective is to give classes at a convenient time for you with high quality teaching at a price which you can afford. 



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