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Your English journey starts here. If you would like to enrol on one of our English courses or have some questions, please  contact us for more info. Progress English can help you improve your English language skills; especially if you are working full time and need to find a way of studying effectively. 

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+44 (0) 7906 611 964


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We’re based in the vibrant city of Bristol, however you can take part in our online courses from anywhere in the world. 


We provide clear ways of doing the different parts of the speaking examOne to one or maximum groups of three mean that the teacher can listen carefully and then give instant feedback in lessons. We also use Whatsapp so that students can send recorded homework and then get oral feedback

The group start dates are fixed so you cannot normally start later. Occasionally, there may be a space available and it is possible to start within the first three weeks. One to one lessons have flexible start dates

You can pay electronically to the Progress English bank account

About halfway through the course, we can start talking about this. Being ready will depend on if you have studied consistently during the first part of the course and how much you have progressed. It will be possible to do some practice exams at this time so we can see how much you need to do to be in a position to pass.

All the materials from the missed lesson are on Moodle, the online platform, and you can email the teacher at any time to ask further questions.

Yes. This is vital. We plan all homework and it is available on Moodle, in the course textbook, and you can ask for extra work in response to particular needs.

Firstly, there is a meeting on Zoom so we can find out your needs and show you what we do. Then, you need to do an English test, which will help us know more precisely which group or situation is best for you.

Unfortunately, there is no refund. This is because if you take a place on a course, it will mean stopping somebody else from having it. If a course is then left halfway through, it is too late to put somebody new in from the waiting list because too much work has been missed and a new student would not have time to catch up.

If you live in Bristol, I will deliver it to your house. If from somewhere else, it is more convenient to buy the book online and have the course fee reduced by £30.