Corporate English | Advanced Exercises

Our corporate English Advanced exercises will help you prepare for interviews and formal discussions. 

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Decide on the prepositions which follow the following words

Impact ______                       focus ______                       geared _____     

Disparity ________             adhere _______                correlate ______

Now complete the sentences below with the correct preposition

1 Those who adhere __ the guidelines will focus better __ the final outcomes

2 Our company is geared __ minimizing a negative impact __ the environment

3 The disparity in our sales figures ________ November and December correlates ____ the weather


Answer key for the corporate English advanced exercises

Impact on                           focus on                       geared to     

Disparity between             adhere to                    correlate with

1 Those who adhere to the guidelines will focus better on the final outcomes

2 Our company is geared to minimizing a negative impact on the environment

3 The disparity in our sales figures between November and December correlates with the weather

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