Cambridge English Exams - Preparation Courses

Are you looking for a course that will prepare you for the Cambridge Exams? Our online and face-to-face courses are a great way to complete your Cambridge Exams Preparation

Many different types of students with varying goals join our Advanced groups. Are you one these people?

If you can relate to some of the statements below, our Cambridge English Exams Courses might be perfect for you.

  • ‘I passed the Cambridge B2 First exam but need C1 Advanced to help get work in my country.’
  • I would like to work in an office in the UK but don’t feel confident about my English. I need more
    formal language for writing emails, am not sure if I will understand people on the phone, and what
    about understanding different accents!’
  • I’ve been in the UK for eight years (I only expected to be here for one), and I feel I need an official
    qualification because I may return to my home country.’
  • ‘My English is stuck. I never improve but I need to if I want to get a better job’
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What can we offer you?

A highly organized Cambridge English exams course with varied activities in each lesson and homework to help consolidate and practise skills and new language:

  •  Advanced language, which includes commonly used formal words, prepositions, phrasal verbs, fixed phrases and more varied ways of structuring sentences when writing. Weekly tests are given.
  • Speaking practise and individualized feedback. Classwork is backed up by student practise at home, which is recorded and sent to the teacher to evaluate.
  • Weekly writing practise to eradicate irritating basic mistakes and help build up to a more complex and expressive level. Homework is sent and returned with feedback by email in between lessons.
  • A focus on consolidation of listening and reading skills looked at in lessons, by being able to do further exercises for homework in the course textbook and on the online platform, Moodle.
  • Preparation for exam conditions. If you decide to do the exam, the final six weeks of the course focuses more on advice about planning writing, time management and helpful speaking phrases
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