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In House Corporate English Courses

Our Corporate English Courses are designed for employers who want to offer corporate English courses to their employees. We offer a variety of courses that can be tailored to your needs. 

How to arrange online or face to face Corporate English courses

  • Whether you are a business or an individual looking for Corporate English courses, we can help you. The first step is to meet with the company contact person to discuss the needs of the company and to understand the situation of the overseas employees.
  • Give an English test to check levels and talk to employees about their English learning background and language needs.
  • Discuss the test results with the company contact and decide on the courses, lesson schedules and group sizes.
  • Form class groups or make individual arrangements, set out course objectives and tailor course design.
  • If classes are going to be online on Zoom, we will explain the system of working together.

During the course

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  • We base Initial lessons on the most pressing learning needs. The course overview can be adjusted as the teacher and student group get to know each other.
  • Lessons have a balance of skills work (speaking, writing, listening) and language input (vocabulary, grammar). This variety is so important to keep up concentration and enjoyment.
  • Students are introduced to the Progress English virtual learning environment. They will find records of what was covered in class, homework and optional extra work based on individual needs.
  • The teacher is accessible by email during the week. We can answer questions, and receive and send back corrected written homework.
If you would like to find out more about our Corporate Courses, please get in touch today. 


Advanced Employees

Work-based needs for more advanced employees – This may include presentation skills, report and email writing, chairing/participating in meetings, negotiating and persuading, dealing with awkward situations, and communicating across the company.


Qualification-based needs for any employee – Students can study for an internationally recognized exam in General or Business English. We will provide students with a certificate at the end of the Corporate English Courses.


Basic needs for lower levels – We work on effective communication along with development of vocabulary and grammar. Our courses cover topics from how to reply to a formal email to effective presentations.

If you can relate to any of the questions below, a Corporate English Course may be right for you.

We can provide guidance and build confidence by:
Focusing on:
• Format – paragraphing and typical features
• Appropriate vocabulary – formality and context-specific
• Adjusting emails for different types of readers – from workmates to managers

Whatever online package is used, the following are always important to get right
• Organization of information – having a clear structure and progression
• Production of slides – making them easily digestible for the listener
• Useful language for clarity – how to start the different stages
• Presenting data – being selective and clear
• Body language – connecting with the listeners

Reports can vary depending on the company you work for, but some aspects are constant
• Format – organization of information and sections
• Style – formality and brevity
• Appropriate language – commonly used formal language

• The ‘tools’ needed to help keep up with what’s being said and how to contribute are essential
• Communication language – for giving opinions and responding
• Meetings language – typical expressions and vocabulary
• Listening skills development – using recordings of meetings to boost understanding

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