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9 Decide if the words below are preceded by ‘make’ or ‘do’

___ harm     ___ exercise    _____ a choice    ____ homework    ____ the bed   ____ a joke

Answer key

Do harm     do exercise    make a choice    do homework    make the bed   make a joke

Now put ‘do’ or ‘make’ into a space to compete the sentences below.

___ your homework and then ____ the bed.

You can ____ harm to your body if you ____ too much exercise.

She _____ a choice to ______ a joke when first meeting her new manager.

Answer key

Do your homework and then make the bed.

You can do harm to your body if you do too much exercise.

She made a choice to make a joke when first meeting her new manager.

English Language School Bristol

Check out our English Language School Bristol location below. We’re located near Queen’s square. Our school is easy to access by public transport and we also offer free parking.