Tips for IELTS Writing part 1 essays

The IELTS exam has 4 parts: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Within the IELTS writing part you will need to write an essay

If you are  preparing for the IELTS exam, the tips below will help you with the IELTS writing part  1. 

Structure – Introduction – overview – analysis

  • Introduction – basic information relating to the graph
  • Overview – when the task has a time period, compare the beginning and
    end of the period
  • Analysis – only highlight significant features of the given information –
    the biggest rise/fall, something similar, an exception. Include all data.
  • Vary vocabulary – depicts, supplied, registered, recorded, occurred,
    dropped, marked fall, dramatic rise
  • Correct verb tenses used – is the essay in the past, present or future?
  • Use of linking words to connect ideas – In contrast, however,
  • Accurate use of prepositions – by, of, in, with
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