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If you are preperating for the Occupational English Test (a.k.a OET) you should take a look at the exercises below. We offer free weekly exercises and OET courses in Bristol. Course are face to face or online and designed to suit your needs.  

Match the medical names with their synonyms

1 arteriosclerosis                                               a) gripes

2 colic                                                               b) heart attack

3 conjunctivitis                                                  c) difficulty swallowing

4 myocardial infarction                                      d) hardening of the arteries

5 coryza                                                            e) pink eye

6 dysphagia                                    f) cold                                                                                                          

Answer key

arteriosclerosis – hardening of the arteries    colic – gripes                  conjunctivitis – pink eye   myocardial infarction – heart attack    coryza – cold   dysphagia – difficulty swallowing   


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