Considering an online English Course?

We offer online and face-to-face English courses at Progress English. We will highlight the main differences between the two types of learning in this post.

Online English Courses

How are online courses structured?

Online learning is becoming a more popular option particularly amongst young professionals. Online English Courses offer more flexibility and thanks to new digital tools, this can be a very effective way of learning. 

Main advantages of online learning

  • Flexible self-paced learning
  • More flexible timetables with evening options
  • Online tools to aid leaning
  • Comfortable in your own environment¬†
  • Smaller groups
  • No commute
  • Ideal for parents and young professionals with commitments before or after the lessons

Face-to-Face courses

This is a more traditional way of learning. At Progress English we host our face-to-face courses in a central location in Bristol.

Main advantages of face-to-face learning

  • Great for those looking for interaction and even making new friends
  • It’s often the preferred option for those looking for beginner courses
  • Eliminates some distractions
  • A strong WIFI connection is not required
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