Proficiency courses in Bristol

Preparing to take the Proficiency / C2 exam this year? We can help you! We offer free exercises weekly and online and face to face English courses. Our face to face proficiency courses in Bristol use a combination of online tool and in person lessons to ensure your success. Our highly qualified teachers 

Our proficiency courses include multiple exercises to cover all parts of the Profiency exam:

Part 1 (Multiple Choice Lexical Cloze)
Part 2 (Open Cloze)
Part 3 (Word Formation)
Part 4 (Key Word Transformations)
Part 5 (Multiple Choice)
Part 6 (Gapped Text)
Part 7 (Multiple Matching)


Here’s an example of the exercises you will be doing during our course. To find out more, please visit our courses page and get in touch. 

Match the words with the meanings

pose                              dispel                             undergo
remove by usually proving something is wrong                                      especially cause a difficulty                     experience something involving unpleasantness or change 


Now complete the sentences below with each of the three words

Once she had started the English exam, all her doubts were __________ as she then felt confident.

You will need to __________ a serious change in routine if you want to progress with your English.

Bristol’s traffic system often _________ challenges for drivers in its city centre.



Budding – starting to develop    shabby – old and worn condition   audacious – daring,brave

Her audacious attempt to win the Olympic ended in success

The shabby state of the old language school in Bristol put students off studying there

His budding English means he can now communicate better with native speakers.



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