Pronunciation is obviously important to help become clearer and more confident but how can you improve? Here is one example where you can practise with the ‘stress’ of different words.



Words from the same root sometimes have different shift patterns when you pronounce them:

Example:   Finance (noun)     Finance (verb)    Financial (adj)

Look at the pairs of words below and decide how to pronounce them

exploit – exploitation        

export – exportation         

extract –  extraction       

incline – inclination       

 contest – contestant           

intern – internship     

perfect – perfection            

 suspect – suspicion     

transform – transformation

Answer Key : Noun = (n)  Verb = (v) – Adjective (adj)

exploit(n)/Exploit (v) – exploitation   

export (n)/ export (v) – exportation           

extract (n)/extract(v) – extraction     

 incline (n)/incline (v)  –  inclination              

                    intern – internship                                  

perfect (adj)/perfect (v) – perfection              

suspect (n)/suspect (v) – suspicion     

transform – transformation

Now practise the words above in the following sentences

  1.  Neymar’s exploits on the football field are well-known.
  2.  The opera singer’s voice sounds like perfection.
  3.  He’s going to be an intern for the summer in a big city bank.
  4.  The police let the suspect go due to insufficient evidence.
  5.  I am inclined to believe you but I’m not sure.
  6.  Exportation of exotic animals is against the law.
  7. We will need to extract that rotten tooth from your mouth
  8.  The transformation in their behaviour was incredible.

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