Colourful Language and Being More Expressive


Find out how expressive you are ! Match the words with their definitions below :


 1) Stunning a) Makes you feel emotional
2) Gripping b) Not as good as you were told
3) Convincing c) Shockingly impressive
4) Tedious d)Feel realistic
5)Thought-provoking e) Very exciting
6) Moving f) Makes you think
7) Overrated g) Makes you want to watch/read
8) Compelling h) Very funny
9) Hilarious i) Extremely boring


Now complete the sentences below using each of the words above


1. I read that ‘Titanic’ was great but when I saw it I felt it was overrated by the film reviews. I sat there watching a lot of special effects without feeling interested and found it all ___________.

2.Although the special effects are basic, the threat of the shark in ‘Jaws’ is really _____________. As you hear the music and it approaches its next victim, the tension is also absolutely ____________.

3.‘Cinema Paradiso’ is a _______________ film as you want to know more and more about the main character’s early life. Its love story is also deeply _________________.

4.The scenery in James Bond films is often _____________ – set against mountains, views from the tops of skyscrapers or even locations on islands of paradise.

5. ‘Toni Erdman’ is a comedy which is sometimes __________ as it will make you laugh. However, it is also a __________________ comment on how parents’ relationships with their adult children can change.


Result down below

Answer key

Exercise A

1C    2E    3D   4I   5F    6A    7 B   8G   9H

Exercise B

1  overrated ; tedious.

2 convincing; gripping.

3 ‘ compellingmoving.

4 stunning 

5  hilarious;  thought-provoking 



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