IELTS Exam Preparation

The Academic IELTS exam involves developing speaking, writing, listening and reading skill levels, and each exam has many different types of exercises for each section.

Have you decided to study at further or higher education levels in an English-speaking country? Do you need this qualification for visa purposes? We provide an appropriate course to help you achieve your objectives.
The Academic IELTS exam has four skills areas: speaking, writing, listening and reading. Each exam has many different types of exercises for each section. Our course will support you by:

  • COMPREHENSIVE: Giving a comprehensive and highly organized course. Further consolidation of exam strategies is possible using our online platform, Moodle.
  • ACADEMIC LANGUAGE: • Teaching academic language, which is essential for expressing yourself in the appropriate way. You need this for writing essays, talking about different subjects and recognizing language in texts.
  • VOCABULARY: Providing input for typical IELTS topic-based vocabulary. You need to build ideas for the speaking and writing exams.
  • EXAM CONDITIONS: • Focusing on dealing with exam conditions in the later part of the course. You will need to deal with time limits when planning ideas, looking for answers and expressing yourself clearly.

IELTS qualifications vs Cambridge Exam

CEFR LevelIELTS equivalentCambridge main suite
exam level
Upper intermediateB25.5-6.5FCE Grade C
FCE Grade B
FCE Grade A
ielts exam
-Select language-