This is the last exam of the day. Being tired, you will need a clear idea of how to manage this exam. Even if your listening level is very good, you will have difficulties if you do not practise enough and don’t have a system.



  • Prepare to listen – anticipate, underline key words and note them down before listening. E.g. synonyms, opposites, theme-related words.
  • Use the first listening to understand the text. Make notes on the question paper if that helps you. Do not stop listening when worrying about anything you do not understand.
  • Do not decide your answers too soon. There will be traps. Target language mentioned in the wrong context, or details may be expressed in the negative rather than the positive to trick you so keep listening.
  • Use the second listening to complete your answers.
  • Make sure you transfer all your answers onto the answer sheet in the given time.



  • Part 1 – Multiple choice – short texts relating to eight different situations.
  • Part 4 – Multiple choice – long text .Make sure you respond to the specific question asked,
  • Part 2 – Sentence completion 
  1. You occasionally need to write 3 words but it is normally one or twoUnderline the key language near the gap which will warn you that the missing information is coming.
  2. Underline the key language near the gap which will warn you that the missing information is coming
  3. Anticipate the type of missing details. E.g. a noun, number..
  4. Make sure the missing words fit grammatically. i.e. verb, noun, adjective.
  5. Be patient. Sometimes, there are long spaces between answers,
  6. Check spelling.
  • Part 3 – Multiple matching – different speakers . Follow the general points listed above



To sum up, by working hard and following these tips you will get a good score in your Cambridge Exam.  If you want to practice more, click on the bottom bellow and visit our blog. There are free exercises waiting for you.




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