Multi-word Verbs. Choose the correct option to go

with the clue

ExampleCome up with/come up against  → Which one is about facing a challenge/obstacle? ( come up against )


  1. Catch up with/keep up with → In which one are you behind with work and need to do something about it?
  2. Cut down on/ get round to → Which one involves you needing time to get something done
  3. Face up to/get away with   →Which one relates to having to accept and do something about a difficult situation?
  4. Look up to/ stand up for →Which one is about supporting somebody or a principle?
  5. Put up with/ come up with → Which one relates to finding a solution?
  6. Stand up for/put up with → Which one means tolerating a difficult situation?
  7. Look up to/catch up with → In which one does the person feel respect for another?
  8. Cut down on/face up to → Which one may involve smoking less cigarettes?
  9. Get away with/get round to → Which one refers to someone escaping punishment?
  10. Come up against/keep up with → Which one involves maintaining a target level?

Now complete the text below with the correct option:

Business is business

Working in business can be intense. You may 1____ difficult situations and if you don’t 2_____ these challenges, things may go downhill fast for your company. One thing you can do is 3___ digital marketing  because if you fall behind, it will be difficult to 4___ the competition again as changes happen so fast and you won’t 5___ losing customers in the long term. Yes, you may need to 6____ the changing regulations of Google or Facebook, but it is worth it so make sure you find time and 7____ updating your knowledge. So, 8____ those trips to the kitchen or going outside for a fag, even if you argue that this is the best time for 9___ good ideas.

Result down below

First Exercise: 1.Catch up with, 2.Get round to,  3.Face up to ,  4. Stand up for , 5. Come up with , 6.Put up with , 7.Look up to, 8.Cut down on, 9.Get away with, 10.keep up with 

Second Exercise: 1. Come up against , 2. Face up to , 3.Keep up with, 4.Catch up with , 5. Get away with, 6. Put up with , 7. Get round to, 8.Cut down on, 9.Coming up with



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