Gerund or infinitive following the first verb. 


Read the sentences and decide if the second verbs are in the correct form or not. Do they feel right to you or not?

  1. I have decided going to the coast this weekend.
  2. I don’t mind waiting for late people.
  3. I want to arrange getting a new job this year.
  4. I can’t afford to spend more time on my English studies.
  5. I promise doing all my homework.
  6. I suggest to finish class early.

Now check your guesses with the table below and correct any mistake:


Verbs followed by an Infinitive

She agreed to speak before the game.

Verbs followed by a Gerund

They enjoyed working on the boat.

Arrange , Afford,Begin,Choose, Expect, Forget, Hope   Offer, Promise, Refuse, Remember, Stop, Threaten , Try,    Want 

Advise, Avoid, Deny, Enjoy, Finish, Imagine, Mind, Suggest, Stop, Remember, Try                                                


 You will note that three verbs appear in 2 categories:


  • They stopped their dinner to watch the film on TV = stop one action to do another.
  • They stopped running because it was too hard = stop an action in progress or habitual repeated action.

2. TRY

  • Try eating those biscuits. See if you like them = test something out.
  • If you try to climb that mountain, the effort will kill you = effort.


  • Remember to do your homework before next week = future action.
  • Can you remember doing your homework last week? = past action.

Study the table above then test yourself by completing the gaps with the correct verbs:

  1.  Don’t forget ____________ (turn out) the lights.
  2. She denied _____________ (steal) his money.
  3. Can’t you arrange ____________ (come) earlier?
  4. She can’t remember _________(phone) me this morning.
  5. Can you imagine ____________ (live) a life without football?
  6. Do you miss ____________ (go) to the beach every Sunday?
  7. His parents threatened ___________ (stop) him going to the concert.
  8. Try ______________ (do) this exercise carefully. Make an effort!




Result down below

Answer key:

1 Don’t forget to turn out the lights.

2 She denied stealing his money.

3 Can’t you arrange to come earlier?

4 She can’t remember phoning me this morning.

5 Can you imagine living a life without football?

6 Do you miss going to the beach every Sunday?

7 His parents threatened to stop him going to the concert.

8 Try doing this exercise carefully. Make an effort!


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