Phrasal Verbs and definitions


Phrasal verbs with the verb break – free exercises with answer key

Match a phrasal verb in Box A with one in Box B




                                    Break Down                 Break Up                  Break Out 




                               Stop Working             Begin Suddently              Finish a relationship


2.Now put your answer below

1 Break Down – Stop Working      

2 __________________________________     

3 __________________________________      


Now complete the sentences below with the correct phrasal verb from above

1. Our car _____________ because there was no oil in the tank.

2. They _____________ after 6 years together.

3. War ______________ unexpectedly in Wales.


Answer key


Break down – stop working

Break up – finish a relationship

Break out – begin suddenly



Our car broke down because there was no oil in the tank.

They broke up after 6 years together.

War broke out unexpectedly in Wales.






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